Paddle Flow Switch

Model : PFS22 Serise



It is mainly applicable to industrial automation/mechanical equipment/air

Compressing industry/ refrigeration and air-conditioner. The magnet not

Contact with water, so can normally work in sewage discharging system.



Low pressure loss, good repeatability, hermetic separation of

Electrical and hydraulic components, not include the bellows, corrosion

resistant, imported micro-switch.




The PFS220 paddle flow switch is developed by PROCESS engineer on

the basis of analyzing and researching the shortcomings of other paddle

flow switches in market. It is made of brass or stainless steel. It offers a

unique blend of compact size, excellent performance , cost-effective and

environmental protection. Compared with traditional target paddle flow switch

its performance is higher. Adopt plug-in installation, mechanical type and

magnetic switch.





Model: PFS220

Max. voltage :

250VAC (no status light)

24VDC+10% (with status light)

Max. current :


Mode of connection :

DIN 43650A connector/direct connect for optional

Output :

SPST micro-switch, one or to output for optional

Optional status light

Pressure :

25 bar, custom-made

Average pressure loss :

0.01 bar at Q.max.

Temperature :

-10 ~ 85oC

Protection class :


Material :

Body: nickel plated brass

Paddle: stainless steel

Seal: NBR

Electrical shell: ABS